Public meeting called to review Planned Parenthood’s sex ed incursion into Hawaii public school

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Concerned parents will rally at the State Capitol Auditorium on Thursday, April 16th at 7:00 pm to hear a policy briefing with Representative Bob McDermott and noted medical expert Dr. Joe McIlhaney.

Rebuffed at the legislature, Planned Parenthood attempts an end-around at the Board of Education.
Rebuffed at the legislature, Planned Parenthood is now attempting an end-around at the Board of Education.

State Representative Bob McDermott is outraged at Planned Parenthood’s extraordinary push to sexualize our children. Not only does PP want to teach our children that homosexuality and transgenderism are equivalent to heterosexuality, but it also wants to tell your 13 year-old daughter that promiscuity is healthy and wholesome. The proposed new policy will bring about curricula worse than Pono Choices.

Planned Parenthood’s efforts have been momentarily stalled in the Hawaii State Legislature, so PP is now focusing on the Board of Education. The BOE is poised to consider making a major change to State Health Education policy by removing the requirement that sex education be Abstinence-Based (which simply means that the curriculum must explain the superior benefits of abstinence, even while providing information on contraception). Incredibly, even Pono Choices qualified as an “abstinence-based” program!

Planned Parenthood has worked tirelessly behind the scenes by furiously lobbying the BOE’s Student Achievement Committee to advance the changes. The full Board is expected to hear testimony on this measure sometime in the near future. The date and time of the hearing on this measure have not been announced. However, you can submit comments by email to Reference Policy 103.5 and urge the BOE that the sex education policy should remain opt-in and abstinence-based.

Even though abstinence and long-term mutual monogamy can eliminate any STD risk, Planned Parenthood’s illogical solution to too much sex among youth is to encourage more of it by emphasizing contraceptives. The extremist elements of the homosexual community are extraordinarily promiscuous; therefore, it is politically incorrect to champion monogamy in classrooms.

School children will be desensitized to aberrant and unusual behaviors because Planned Parenthood thinks that they should be among the new “normal.” Child psychiatry expert Miriam Grossman warns us that Planned Parenthood believes “the most important lesson we can share with our kids is, being different is normal.” Planned Parenthood’s Family Resource Book on Sexuality says that relationships can be long-lasting or brief, and can be monogamous, “open”, or include group sex.[1] That is what we are going to expose to our children as the gold standard? Shame on us!

Planned Parenthood wants to reverse the State “Opt-in Policy” on sex education, which encourages and requires more parental involvement. Planned Parenthood has a political and economic agenda; it is not about medical expertise. The PP’s flawed Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) programs have the effect of encouraging youth sex. The US Department of Health and Human Services study on eight top CSE programs reveal no delay or, at best, mixed results in delaying sexual activity.[2] So why are we buying into PP’s propaganda?

The BOE should solicit input from parents across the state prior to making any policy changes. Given our diverse community, this input is vital. The BOE should not just listen to those who have a political agenda tied to a financial gain.

If you care about kids and what has been happening lately with H.B. 459 (a bill to mandate CSE for Hawaii’s schools), please help fill the Auditorium at the Chamber Level of the Hawaii State Capitol at 415 S. Beretania Street on Thursday, April 16th, 7:00 p.m. You’ll hear Rep. McDermott and Dr. Joe McIlhaney speak about how casual sex (of the type promoted by CSE) is affecting our children.

[1] Miriam Grossman, M.D., Your Teaching My Child What? : A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child, (33).

[2] Abstinence Works, “Uncovering Comprehensive Sex Education,” (accessed April 12, 2015)


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