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Rep. McDermott calls on Governor Ige to investigate Planned Parenthood

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Representative Bob McDermott has formally requested that Governor Ige task the Attorney General with investigating any role Planned Parenthood of Hawaii may have in the sale of aborted baby body parts. If there is any local activity associated with this deplorable practice, that Planned Parenthood of Hawaii be immediately de-funded by the State.  Read the complete letter by clicking below:

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McDermott has also requested that any Planned Parenthood involvement in our public school system regarding the development of “sexual” education curriculum be halted.

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Planned Parenthood ridicules the concerns of Hawaii’s parents in their social media messages.

Do you want Planned Parenthood’s questionable practices in your schools?

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This sign appeared in front of Planned Parenthoods South King Street offices over the weekend.
This sign appeared in front of Planned Parenthood’s South King Street offices over the weekend.

Planned Parenthood is still reeling from the release of a video tape that exposed the fact that they were harvesting and selling organs from aborted infants. This has also renewed opposition to attempts by Planned Parenthood to invade public schools with their brand of compulsory “sex education.” Representative Bob McDermott had a strong response to the recent disclosures surrounding Planned Parenthood and their fitness to become our children’s source of information regarding sexual health and morality.

From – July 17, 2015

State Rep. Bob McDermott of Hawaii, an aggressive opponent of Planned Parenthood, did not mince words about the new revelations.

He has long accused Planned Parenthood and other providers of “comprehensive” sex education of purposefully giving students medically inaccurate or incomplete information, in an effort to promote their political and financial agendas.

“Planned Parenthood is an organization with racist roots in their founder Margaret Sanger,” McDermott said. “They continue to target poor minorities – to wit, more black babies were aborted in New York City than born last year.

“They are anti-Catholic religious bigots who engage in ridicule of that faith on a routine basis, they promote immoral behavior and promiscuity among our young people, they are despicable sex-hustlers who’s very actions victimize young girls.

“They claim to be providers of reproductive health care. I’m not sure how the little babies whose parts are being sold would feel about that statement. To Planned Parenthood, this was a business decision. Instead of throwing the baby parts in the trash as normal, they chose to make a buck!

“Planned Parenthood is simply an evil organization driven by greed, sex, and immorality. It is utterly without value. Nothing surprises me when it comes to an organization whose main purpose is killing the unborn.”

Rep. McDermott pushes back on Planned Parenthood

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Representative McDermott has correctly identified Planned Parenthood as the source of much of the “sex ed” disinformation being propagated in our public schools.  READ ARTICLE

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