McDermott makes battle with ‘Pono Choices’ national news

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Washington Times – 10/15/14:

Gift cards rewarded to children who participate in Hawaii sex ed program

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FOX News – 10/15/14:

Hawaii students get gift cards to participate in sex education program

Watchdog.org – 10/15/14

Hawaii students get gift cards to participate in sex education program


McDermott uncovers more “Pono Choices” irregularities

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State Representative Bob McDermott has revealed today that the University of Hawaii gave away over $52,200 in gift cards to students in the Pono Choices program!

 McDermott Blasts UH for wasting taxpayer money on Pono Choices

McDermott reveals that 'Pono Choices' is research project, and that it awards gift certificates to the children to skew their data.
McDermott reveals that ‘Pono Choices’ is actually a research project, and that it awards gift certificates to the children to skew their data.

The University of Hawaii must have plenty of money, since they are spending it to promote a program that parents clearly said they do not want.

Unknown to parents, the discredited Pono Choices program was a “research project.” Parents were never informed of this fact. They kids were being used as human subjects for research! This is a horrible breach of trust between the DOE and the owners of the system, the parents.

Research projects necessarily require “informed consent” when human subjects are involved. Meaningful informed affirmative consent is the cornerstone of human subject protections; this did not happen. Further, because DOE facilities/resources were used, Pono Choices violated several safe guards contained in the Federal Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA). This is all illegal, sloppy and incompetent.

Additionally, the Students, the teachers, and community liaisons were given over $52,000.00 in GIFT CARDS in violation of Hawaii State law.   This unlawful actively is bad enough, but it then necessarily renders all the data collected in the research project, known as Pono Choices, as meaningless due to an inherit input bias as a result of a financial inducement. This is a shameless manipulation of the data, give an eleven year old a $10.00 dollar gift card, then ask them how they like the program

READ COMPLETE PRESS RELEASE: Pono Choices Gift Cards Press release

OPG’s McDermott instrumental in getting controversial sex ed program ‘Pono Choices’ pulled from schools

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Hawaii’s DOE recalls controversial Pono Choices program for major revisions and will make all state-authored sex education courses opt-in.

When it comes to writing the game plan for resisting the left’s incursions into school curriculum, Hawaii’s State Representative Bob McDermott has developed a winning game plan.

“We don’t get into debates about morality or religious conviction, we go after medical inaccuracy and misrepresentation of the facts,” said McDermott.

After reviewing the complete Pono Choices report issued Friday, June 6, 2014, by the Department of Education, OPG President, Hawaii State Representative McDermott has announced that opponents of the controversial sex education pilot program have gotten 70% of what they wanted.

In addition to what McDermott calls promoting alternative lifestyles, he also listed specific inaccuracies and omissions that he wanted the DOE’s review committee to specifically address. In their recent report they retreated from several assertions present in the Pono Choices curriculum.

1. The anus will no longer be defined as a genital. Although it took them almost 8 months, with some committee members arguing against, they have stated that according to all medical definitions they studied there was no support for such an obvious misrepresentation.

“Finally, biology has trumped social philosophy,” said McDermott.

2. They acknowledged elevated risk of disease from anal sex.

“You can’t deliberately replace actual disease statistics, and real facts about safe sex with political correctness,” added McDermott. “Ironically, in their desire to “normalize” homosexual lifestyles, they put those very students at risk by withholding these critical facts.”

3. Making the program a parental opt-in will increase transparency of materials and processes surrounding sensitive curriculum. The DOE acknowledged that the parental disclosure process was flawed and incomplete, and that by allowing opt-out as the only option the deck was stacked against informed decisions by parents.

“The fact that these programs were not fully disclosed, and should have been opt-in all along is perhaps the biggest win for our families,” said McDermott.

McDermott has objected all along to the very idea that government should be in the “parenting” business and usurping the role of actual parents. Among the issues still not fully resolved McDermott mentions that certain sex education materials still present homosexual scenarios’ disproportionately and on par with heterosexual behavior. They still present age-inappropriate materials, such as anal sex to 11-year-old students, and there remains no predator protection module.

“I think, for now, they’ve had to take a few steps back,” said McDermott, “and, those are steps in the right direction.”