Policy Directors


Representative Bob McDermott

Was born in in Lansdale Pa in 1963, graduated from Upper Perkionem HS and subsequently joined the USMC. He entered Chaminade University in 1985 where he met his future wife, UtuFa’asili J. (Poti) McDermott. They married in 1987. He graduated from Chaminade University 1988 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He entered USMC Officer Candidate School and was commissioned a 2nd Lt in August of 1988. While with 3/9 he served in the first gulf war known as operation desert storm/shield in Saudi Arabia. He finished his tour in the Marine Corps and left the Marine Corps to spend more time with his family. Upon honorable release from active duty in 1991, he and his family returned to Hawaii where he went to work in the Kona Coffee industry; he went to work earning his MBA from Chaminade, awarded in 1994. Interested in social issues, he sought and won election to the Hawaii State House of Representatives. He served in the State House from 1996 to 2002 when he ran for congress. He was a fighter for Hawaii families, getting involved in 1996 due to the initial same sex marriage issue. He left voluntarily and ran an unsuccessful bid for congress in 2002. Where upon losing he returned to the Private sector running a non-profit, the Navy League for 10 years. In 2005, Bob and his wife adopted four children (a sibling group) to go along with the other biological children, making for a total of 8 children! Mr. McDermott then ran for State House again in 2012 and won a seat in his new home district of Ewa Beach. He led the fight against same sex marriage and keeping inappropriate curriculum from our student’s classrooms. He has constantly been in the news as the lone wolf supporting Hawaiians families and traditional values. He is also pro-life and has spoken at several rallies for life. Bob McDermott’s mission is to protect our families for the avalanche of social engineering that is undermining our faith, families and freedom. McDermott will be responsible for the day to day operations of the Website and materials presented.


Keith Rollman

Keith will head up OhanaPolicyGroup.com communications network, including publications, Internet assets and broadcast productions as well as oversee the group’s national public relations effort. Rollman has over 40 years of professional experience in marketing and communications and has received national recognition for broadcast and print creative, and was named one of the Top 500 Political Influencers in the U.S. for 2012 by Campaigns and Elections Magazine. Rollman has dedicated his professional career to presenting persuasive political messaging and has been one of Hawaii’s key political consultants, helping to win two U.S. Congressional Races and five Mayoral elections. OhanaPolicyGroup.com will seek to publicize via podcasts and talk radio appearances by McDermott and his many research projects concerning the public educational system, and other policies of the Federal and State governments.


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