McDermott Report 3 – Unhealthy Behaviors

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 7.39.51 AMThe third report from Representative Bob McDermott covers the new push by Planned Parenthood to establish “Sexuality” eduction starting in kindergarten through the 5th grade.  Leading physicians call this type of “indoctrination” potentially damaging to young brains and totally ineffective regarding the stated goal of pregnancy and disease prevention.

Download (PDF): McDermott Report – 3 – Unhealthy Behaviors


2 thoughts on “McDermott Report 3 – Unhealthy Behaviors

    […] Representative Bob McDermott, who also serves as Chairman of the Ohana Policy Group, issued the third in his series of special reports on sex education in public schools. The latest report deals with the intrusion of Planned Parenthood and their “Sexuality” education curriculum they want to bring to students as young as kindergarten. Download McDermott Report #3: […]

      Grandma said:
      May 26, 2015 at 2:57 pm

      Thank you very much McDermott, now somebody gets it. Why our educators didn’t see this from the beginning? The key word is “Preference”, next key word is “Intrusion”. To accept or not homosexuality is totally a “Preference”, a sexual preference I might add. And the “Intrusion” into the young minds of our children when they are still trying to learned simple math and reading / writing skills, at the least, that is why I send my children to school, just for those reasons alone, not to be introduced to their feelings of sexual preference at such a young age…If I may go a little farther, maybe even far … far … I am forced to think that our children are being set up to be a generation of identity issues that will cloud their vision on the real issues when their time comes to hold political office or become leaders of our community and country. World news tells us thousands are still dying from natural disasters and the Hoko Harem continues to in pregnant their captives into bring forth a generation of future terrorist because of the neglect of how these babies where conceived therefor abandoned to grow up with anger and hate, so says the terrorist group. Thousands of babies are being born this way, and thousands of babies in the US are not going to see light of day, with abortions or just not being born. I am a concerned Grandma … that is all.

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